Very happy!!!

My run today was a bit challenging, even though I did my “starting at square one, run (5 minute warm up – run 1, walk 2 five times and a 5 minute cool down walk).  My knee was still sore, but not painful like it was last Monday.  Even though it ached, it was the ache of a muscle that hadn’t been exercised…not the painful ache of an overworked or starined muscle. Now, 4 hours later, I’m still walking around fine and not hobbling like I was this time last week.  I am hoping to feel as good tomorrow. If so, I will raise the bar a tiny bit and see how that feels. There is something to be said for listening to your body and making sure you get those rest days in – EVEN if you are not feeling any pain…taking a break from the running and doing strength training or some other exercise is important.  As much as I loved running 5 days a week – that combined with bad shoes made for a nasty muscle strain.

As I said, I’m going to take it easy this week.  Even if it means being behind on my what my gym’s running group assignment is (We are are up to run 7, walk 2 repeated 5 times).  My goal will be to catch back up at my own pace and not push myself beyond what is good for me. So, if I have to do my own less intense run and am waaaay behind the rest of them – I will still go and I know they will understand and be there to support me when I finish.  I’m running with a great bunch of ladies and I appreciate so much, all the encouragement and support as I enter this new “athletic” chapter of my life.


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