I’m an App Addict!

As in applications for my iPhone…my favorite so far are “Tweetie,” “iBird North” and of course the “C25k” apps. But today, since I decided to do the Y plan instead, I realized that the time on my iPhone couldn’t be set to do multiple timers at a certain number of iterations (oooh, I got to use a big word!). So I found another reason to go app shopping 😉 and found one called simply enough “Routine.” It has timers for multiple uses already preset – ranging from “exercise,” “cooking” and even one called “board game tour (???).”

You can also edit them or customize your own – which I did. Mine is simply called “YMCA 5k Plan” and my current intervals are 2 minute run, 4 minute walk for 5 iterations. Sunday, when we get our next week’s Y running plan, I’ll edit the info in the app to reflect it.

How does it work? Great! I started my listening selection on my iPod – started my timer and off I went. When the time was up, I could hear the whistle tone clearly in my ear-buds, over what I was listening to. You have the ability to increase or decrease the volume of the alert, even while the app is in use. Nice. When it was time for me to run, a different alert sounded – this one similar to a klaxon alarm…a bit startling at first, but it certainly broke me out of my reverie and got my attention. I had no issues at all with the apps performance from start to finish…highly recommend it, its worth the roughly $3.00 cost.


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