I am blessed…

Tonight, as I was sitting in my chair reading, my youngest approached and asked me what she could do.  “Why don’t you pick out a book too, sit next to me and read?”  She ran and grabbed a box of Diego phonics books, came back and snuggled up next to me.

Together, we read one of the books, sounding out each word carefully.  After, she looked over her book as I read a few pages of mine.  Noticing she was looking a bit sleepy, I asked her if she wanted to get into my lap and cuddle till she fell asleep.  Normally, this would be greeted with “Oh no Mommy!  I’m not tired!” and off she would run to get in a few more precious minutes of playtime.

Instead, she smiled, curled up in my lap and put her head in her “snuggle spot.”  Quietly she asked if I would scratch her back, which I gladly did.  A few moments later…a foot twitch here…a sigh there…and she was asleep.  Instead of bringing her to her bed, I enjoyed the now, all to rare sensation of a child sleeping against my chest.  I listened to the rhythms of her breathing and felt the beat of her heart next to my own.  Each beat is blessing, every moment a gift.

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